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Hello, I'm Mary!

Back in the lockdown days, when everything was forced to slow down, ME Jewellery was born.

Little did I realise this quiet, solitary time was exactly what needed to get out of a rut, find out more about myself, and what I really wanted from life...

I began wire wrapping jewellery as a hobby, making pieces mostly for myself to try and satiate my desire to be covered in jewellery at all times. I started sharing my work with others, and the idea of selling my creations for others to enjoy made my little heart jump for joy with potential and excitement.

I’ve had a fixation on crystals, rocks and gemstones since the age of 7. I remember my mum giving me an Aventurine tumble stone on my first day at a new school, telling me that this “brave stone" was going to make me brave and confident and take my worries away. That small, smooth gemstone stayed in my pocket and school bag for years, and it definitely had the power to improve little Mary’s attitude at the very least.

This being a quiet expression, but important part of many milestones in my life for so long, I knew I wanted the healing benefits of crystals involved in my jewellery creations; to help myself, and any others who have the same holistic healing intentions. (or just like pretty gems).

I have been selling my wire wrapped jewellery on Etsy since May 2020, but after years of yearning to make “proper” silver jewellery, I took a Silver Jewellery course with the London Jewellery Workshop in June 2021, and I have since continued practising and teaching myself, elevating my jewellery-making skills. 

I’m so excited to see how Mary Elizabeth Jewellery will evolve,

and I’m so grateful to have you join me on this journey. 

Love, Mary x

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